Wind and Solar. 
 All Day. 
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Liquid Air Energy Storage
enabling a 100% renewable future!

We at phelas are developing an electricity storage system to use solar and wind power even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. Our system Aurora uses a newly developed thermodynamic process to store energy in liquid air. Through this modular, affordable and sustainable technology, we pave the way towards a 24/7 renewable energy supply worldwide.

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Our Technical Concept

phelas Aurora is a completely new thermodynamic storage system, that builds on the principles of liquid air energy storage (LAES). We use the strengths of LAES (no harmful materials, reliable components with high TRL, flexibility in scaling power and capacity independently) and adapt that to energy storage requirements. Our proprietary process design includes a custom integrated internal heat management, custom cooling process and drastic simplification of the liquefaction process. We are currently developing the world’s first prototype of a LAES system in modular container design. This makes the system not only highly flexible and transportable, but also suitable for mass production and thus economically viable.

Convincing Unique Selling Points

Flexible in sizing power storage capacity, physical location

No environmental & health risk from deployed materials

Storage medium is globally available: Abundant air

Usage of proven & reliable off-the-shelf technology (low maintenance)

European supply chain of components and materials

Excellent ecological, social, and governance rating

Your Benefits

Energy Producers

Empowering Renewable Energy Integration
Controlled storage-powered grid feed-in at times when wholesale electricity market prices are high will significantly improve the profit from your wind or solar farm.

Ecological Social & Governance Criteria Ready
Aurora is designed to excel at all ESG criteria and allows your purchase to stay investable despite unpredictable regulation changes.

System Operator

Stabilizing the Grid
Black start capability, reactive power compensation as well as strategic charging and discharging will enhance the quality of supply and relief network congestions of your distribution grid in a cost competitive manner.


Lowering Energy Procurement Costs
Smart charging and discharging of our storage will mitigate network and demand charges and therefore reduce the overall energy procurement cost of your company.

Full Flexibility
Aurora provides full flexibility in adapting to your use-case with the option to reconfigure later.

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