Liquid Air Energy Storage

Flexible in sizing power storage capacity, physical location

No environmental & health risk from deployed materials

Storage medium is globally available: Abundant air

Usage of proven & reliable off-the-shelf technology (low maintenance)

Low CapEx for storage capacity

European supply chain of components and materials


Jury-Winner of Start and Spread

Semi-Finalist of Energie Startup Bayern 2020

Added value…

…for various users!

Empowering Renewable Energy Integration

Controlled storage-powered grid feed-in at times when wholesale electricity market prices are high will significantly improve the profit from your wind or solar farm.

Lowering Energy Procurement Costs

Smart charging and discharging of our storage will mitigate network and demand charges and therefore reduce the overall energy procurement cost of your company.

Stabilizing the Grid

Black start capability, reactive power compensation as well as strategic charging and discharging will enhance the quality of supply and relief network congestions of your distribution grid in a cost competitive manner.

A custom developed proprietary process.

Our Vision:

World wide 100% renewable energy.

A no brainer!