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What started as a brainstorming session between 2 student friends is now a real company and celebrates 2 years of existence!

Even before the foundation, the first big setback: a global pandemic made sure that we (6 people at the time) could not enter our testing room. We worked completely remotely for over 1 year. And that as a hardware deeptech startup.
This was followed by a global supply chain crisis, with major suppliers not even guaranteeing us 18 months delivery time. And that as a young start-up with extreme time pressure.

Today, our pride and gratitude knows no bounds as we continue to work on our prototype together with 14 people from 9 countries in Munich, making tomorrow’s renewable energy supply possible.

Many thanks to all our partners who have worked constructively with us over the whole time on our vision of making 100% renewable energy a global no-brainer!