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December 22, 2022 – Munich, Vienna

Photo: phelas Liquid Air Energy Storage System AURORA

Long duration energy storage provider phelas and Austria’s largest regional utility, Wien Energie will work together to explore possibilities to deploy long-duration energy storage systems to support Wien Energie’s vision in strengthening its green energy portfolio and achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

Wien Energie, Austrias largest regional utility and phelas, Munich-based provider of Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES), announced a strategic partnership to evaluate energy storage systems to support Wien Energie’s vision in strengthening its green energy portfolio and achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

Munich, Germany & Vienna, Austria: phelas announces a strategic partnership with Wien Energie, Austria’s largest regional energy supplier. The project consists in running a feasibility study on the deployment of energy storages using phelas next generation Liquid Air Energy Storage technology.

Photo: phelas Energy Storage Optimisation tool: CATALYST

The partnership aims to use phelas’ in-house development energy storage assessment tool CATALYST to quantify the value creation of energy storage for Wien Energie use cases. The assessment methodology provided by phelas is capable to benchmark different storage technologies and storage sizes in more than 10 000 different scenarios. This approach is perfectly suited to answer what constellation of technologies will yield the optimal solution for Wien Energie.

According to phelas, their modular long duration energy storage system may provide the ideal solution for Wien Energie’s renewable generation assets to increase the electricity’s market value, provide ancillary services and reduce curtailment cost. The feasibility study is set up to provide results by mid of 2023.

Justin Scholz, Co-Founder and CEO of phelas, said: “Energy storage is the missing piece to solve the equation of the energy transition. We are excited to work together with Wien Energie as a strong partner to spearhead energy storage to ensure a reliable, green, and low-cost energy system.”

About phelas

phelas is an energy storage company with the vision to provide reliable, green, and low-cost electricity everywhere in the world. phelas’ new long duration energy storage technology uses an in-house developed thermodynamic process to store energy in liquid air. Through this modular, affordable, and sustainable technology, it is possible to meet the energy storage needs of renewable energy operators, system operators and industries in a tailored and profitable manner.

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About Wien Energie

Wien Energie reliably supplies two million people and 230,000 commercial and industrial facilities with energy. Security of supply and climate protection are top priorities. Electricity and heat production comes from renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydropower as well as biomass, waste recycling and combined heat and power. 

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