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July 24, 2023 – Munich (Germany)

If you’re trying to reach your true passions, then keep reading to get inspired. In this interview, we have the opportunity to get to know our co-worker Leonardo’s life and career path in creating a better world through sustainable initiatives. Leonardo’s journey has taken him from Argentina to New Zealand and eventually to Munich, Germany. Along the way, he has learned valuable lessons about the power of collaboration, the dynamic nature of startups, and the importance of pursuing one’s desires. With this discussion, let’s dive deep and explore Leonardo’s experiences and insights. Leonardo’s story highlights the importance of true passions, embracing collaboration, and taking breaks to reassess and realign one’s career path. His experiences in the environment of phelas have fueled his enthusiasm and showcased the power of teamwork. Leonardo’s story reminds us that by pursuing our passions and working together, we can drive sustainable change and create a better future for all.

“I want to impact creating a better world directly.”

Q: Leonardo, what inspired you to pursue your current career path?

A: I was working for a large international company in Argentina, and I realised that I was not making as much impact as I wanted to make to create a better world. This realisation prompted me to take a break and reassess my career. When I moved to New Zealand, I saw the potential for a greener future and renewable energy solutions. The meeting point of renewable energies sparked my passion for making the world a better place.

Q: Can you share the story of how you ended up in Munich, Germany?

A: It’s pretty interesting. I met my current girlfriend in New Zealand, who happens to be from Bavaria, Germany. She encouraged me to consider moving to Germany, as it offered opportunities for both work and study. Munich, particularly, caught my attention because it was at the forefront of public investments in renewable energy. It was a pleasant surprise to find that Germany was aligned with my career expectations, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to contribute to the transition towards 100% renewables.

“The key: dedication and passion for learning.”

Q: Tell us about the cultural shocks you experienced when moving to different countries.

A: Moving from Argentina to New Zealand, I encountered language challenges. I realised the language taught in institutes didn’t always reflect real-world conversations. However, I adapted and overcame this hurdle with dedication and passion for learning. Similarly, in Germany, I initially faced language barriers. But learning German allowed me to integrate into the local culture and foster closer connections. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Bavarian cuisine surpassed my expectations.

Q: How has working in the dynamic environment of a startup influenced your career?

A: The dynamic nature of startups has been advantageous. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities, which keep me engaged and excited. What I love most is the ability to switch between different tasks based on the needs of the startup and my interests. This flexibility allows me to explore various aspects of the business and constantly broaden my perspectives.

Q: Can you share a valuable lesson you’ve learned throughout your career journey?

A: One important lesson I’ve learned is the power of collaboration. While individual brilliance is valuable, achieving significant impact requires teamwork. I believe in the proverb, “If you go alone, you will go faster, but if you go in a team, you will go farther.” Collaboration brings together diverse perspectives, complementary skills, and shared goals, enabling us to achieve remarkable results that surpass what we could accomplish alone.

“Don’t hesitate to take a break to pursue your true passion.”

Q: How do you view the importance of taking breaks to pursue one’s passions?

A: Taking breaks to reassess one’s path and pursue true passions is crucial. It allows us to reflect on our alignment with our values and find clarity in our career choices. In my case, it was during such a break that I discovered my true passion for renewable energy. Changing and redirecting our efforts toward meaningful work that brings us fulfillment is always possible.

Q: Thank you for the interview.

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