Aurora Storage Applications

Electricity prices and regulation can change quickly. A flexible energy storage system helps you to save money on energy procurement, demand charges and to lower your carbon emissions in the long-term.

phelas Aurora is an industrial electric long-duration energy storage system that provides cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly energy flexibility for you.

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Utilities / RE Operators
& Developers

Aurora helps to avoid renewable cannibalization, curtailment, and congestion, and enables lower overall costs while meeting system requirements.

  • Retail Shift (Arbitrage)
  • Capacity Firming
  • Curtailment Reduction

Commercial & Industrial (C&I)

Aurora can shift demand to periods of low cost, enables buffering of locally generated renewable energy, and can mitigate power demand spikes to reduce grid charges.

  • Electricity Retail Shift
  • Demand Charge Optimization
  • Increased Self-Sufficiency

Transmission & Distribution
System Operators

Aurora enables immediate provision of distribution capacity to relieve congestion, and also provides strategic reserve power for stable supply.

  • Investment Deferral
  • Frequency Containment
  • Capacity Backup
  • Congestion Relief

Microgrids / Local Energy Communities

Aurora is designed to eliminate the need for Diesel backups and fill in the time when no sun is shining and/or no wind is blowing to provide backup power independent from grid connections.

  • Backup Power
  • Blackstart Capability
  • Energy Autarky