Customer Study – Provision of Ancillary Services
Storage market arbitrage and secondary ancillary services

Aurora long duration energy storage is able to provide future-proof revenue increase for renewable energy power plants (wind/solar).

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Use Case Description

Inflexible solar and wind power plants compete with each other on the wholesale market, lowering the expected revenue. Energy storage can help to avoid price cannibalisation and generate added value on the ancillary market.

Customer TypeUtility in Austria
Connection TypeBehind the Meter (BTM), grid connected
DescriptionStorage in combination with on-site wind and solar generation
Use Cases analyzedaFRR (Sekundärregelleistung), Arbitrage Shift (Day-Ahead, Intraday)

600,000 €

energy storage revenue p.a.
on Secondary Control Power Market
for 8-hour phelas Aurora storage

Key Facts

Technology Typephelas Aurora Liquid Air
Installed Storage Power 1.2 MW
Installed Energy Capacity9.6 MWh
Energy to Power Ratio 8 hours
Installed Solar Power 4 MWp
Solar Capacity Factor21 %

Systematic analysis of different scenarios

Up to 360 scenarios analysed

Hourly dispatch of all considered energy assets

In detail break down of optimization logic

Larger storage duration enable higher revenues

Imperfect bidding influences the optimal savings significantly