“This is the energy storage decade.”

– Bloomberg NEF, 2021

What’s in it for my company?

  • How much value can energy storage provide me today?
  • How sensitive is the amortization of my investment?
  • Which storage technology suits my use case the best?
  • Will market regulation destroy my investment?

What we offer:

Profit Statement: State of the art energy storage simulation optimizing IRR, NPV etc.

Decision: Optimal storage technology selection that suits your business case.

Risk Management: Sensitivity analysis considering changing regulation, electricity prices, and/or expansion plans.

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The optimal energy storage depends on:

1. Your energy assets

  • Generation / demand profiles
  • Installed capacities
  • Grid connection type
  • Existing (Power Purchase Agreement) contracts
  • Expansion plans
  • Financial factors (interest rate, amortizations period)

2. The correct combination of value streams

Value streams mainly depend on national factors, such as:

  • Regulation (Taxes, Subsidies etc.)
  • Electricity markets (design, liquidity, share of renewables etc.)
  • Ancillary markets
  • Demand charge fees etc.
  • Geography and climate (seasonality etc.)

3. The right technology for the job

Every technology performs differently, important metrics are:

  • Specific power / energy cost
  • Longevity / degradation
  • Energy- and power density
  • Reaction time
  • ESG-rating
  • Efficiency / self-discharge-rate
  • Scalability & modularity

Why phelas?

We have developed our own optimisation framework to provide

  • Precise storage specifications
  • Hourly performance analysis
  • Insightful sensitivity analysis
  • Cost estimations and validation
  • Several project proposals

Case studyCustomer typeUse Case analysed
1UtilityStorage market arbitrage and secondary ancillary services in Austria (read more)
2RE DeveloperStorage for low-cost Off-Grid Hydrogen Generation in South Africa
3RE DeveloperLCoE Optimisation of solar + storage hybrid power plant
4IndustryHybrid energy storage for increased self-suffciency and peak-shaving