Electrical / Power Engineer, also possible as Intern or working student (f,m,d)

Starting anytime

You are enthusiastic about making a positive impact in the energy transition? You are proficient in electrical and power engineering and you have practical experiences in setting up motors and generators? You want to work with an amazing team and enable renewable energy adoption worldwide? Liquid Air Energy Storage is uniquely suited to solve large parts of the global energy storage problems, and we are looking for support in the technology team of phelas.

Who are we?

phelas is pushing green energy production worldwide to the next level. Our Liquid Air Energy Storage will help to store green energy for short and medium durations. It will allow an increase of renewable energy in the grids and make them more economical. To top it off, it doesn’t use critical materials in contrast to Lithium-Batteries.

Our technology is based on already established industry solutions (cryogenic tanks, turbines, compressors) and easily scalable. With our unique approach, we are able to solve the existing hurdles of Liquid Air Energy Storage and enable decreasing costs as well as new business models.

What will you do?

  • Head all power engineering efforts.
  • Head development and control of motors & drive-train used in the storage systems.
  • Implement your ideas with our prototype development in the lab.
  • Evaluate options for improving systems electrical efficiency.
  • Research and evaluate alternative technical solutions and certifications.
  • Feed your findings back into our strategic and market intelligence team.
  • Actively form and shape the company and its culture.
  • Make more renewable energy production possible to save our planet!

Who are you?

  • Professional (e.g. university education, technical training, or self-taught) with focus in electrical, power engineering and/or control systems.
  • Preferred experience in motors, generators and drive-trains around 1-100 kW
  • Practical knowledge in relevant hardware such as pulleys, mounts, fixtures, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • … to drive expander, compressors, pumps etc.
  • Experience with sizing, specifying and procurement of electrical components and power equipment
  • Will-do attitude
  • Proven self-organisation
  • Experienced and interested in renewable energy industries
  • Fluent in English is a must, additional German proficiency preferred
  • Your unique superpower not listed here – if you think you’re qualified for the role, please send us a message!

First-hand practical experience with projects is advantageous –> in case of doubt, please apply here.

Who are you?

Contact and tell us!