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Press Highlights

“Luft zu Power”
by Frankfurter Rundschau (print only, Date of publication 16. February 2021)
“Neuer Ansatz: mit flüssiger Luft zur Energiewende”
by Redaktionsnetzwerk Bayern (link)
“Vier Gründer planen Energiespeicher mit Luft”
by Münchner Merkur (print only, Date of publication 24./25./26./27. December 2020)
“Mit flüssiger Luft die Energiewende schaffen”
by Stuttgarter Zeitung (link)
“Mit flüssiger Luft die Energiewende schaffen”
by Stuttgarter Nachrichten (link)
“Mit flüssiger Luft zur Energiewende”
by Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung (link)
“Mit flüssiger Luft zur Energiewende”
by Siegener Zeitung (print only)
“phelas: Verflüssigte Luft als nachhaltiger Stromspeicher”
by Munich Startup (link)
“Zebras mit Potenzial: OroraTech, Presize und phelas erhalten Förderung im Rahmen von Samsung for Impact”
by Samsung (link)
“Creating the energy transition with liquid air”
by Personal Financial (link)

About phelas

The phelas-team is developing Aurora, a standardized, modular, mass-manufactured and cheap large-scale electrical storage system that uses electricity during the charging process to cool air down to cryogenic temperatures and thus liquefy it. For discharging, the cryogenic liquid is heated and thus evaporated. The strong increase in volume and pressure is again used to generate electricity.

phelas Team Justin Scholz, Dr. Masoud Ghods, Leon Haupt, Florian Kaufmann, Christopher Knoch, Dr. Pit Sippel

The Vision

phelas is founded to make a very simple vision reality: We want to make 100 % renewable electricity a “no-brainer” everywhere on this planet.

The Team

To achieve this ambitious goal, the phelas team works together on three main areas. Justin Scholz with over six years of start-up experience and Christopher Knoch with five years of professional experience as a management consultant work in the areas of business development, financing, recruiting and networking. Leon Haupt brings four years of professional experience in the energy sector and specialises in energy storage as a project manager. He is responsible for the technical-economic modelling as well as the development of business models for energy storage. Three other team members are driving the development, planning and implementation of the demonstrator and pilot plant: Dr. Pit Sippel has many years of experience in setting up and designing experiments, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of energy storage. Dr. Masoud Ghods, a renowned ex-NASA scientist, has in-depth knowledge in design, process modelling and the application of artificial intelligence in engineering. Florian Kaufmann contributes know-how in the field of cryogenic air separation and steady-state and dynamic process simulation. As a team, phelas is characterized by a strong team spirit as well as the common vision: To have a 100 percent renewable electricity grid be a “no brainer”. The team identified storage as the missing puzzle piece – and is building exactly this piece.