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Well established and reliable, yet completely new.

Liquid Air Storage for Megawatt Applications

phelas Aurora is a completely new thermodynamic storage system, that builds on the principles of Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES). We use the strengths of LAES (no harmful materials, reliable components with high technological maturity), and adapt that to energy storage requirements. Our proprietary process design includes a custom integrated internal heat management, custom cooling process and drastic simplification of the liquefaction process. We are currently developing the world’s first prototype of a modular LAES system. This makes the system not only highly flexible and transportable, but also suitable for mass production and thus economically viable.

Aurora comes with compelling advantages:

Versatile Energy Storage

Aurora's modular design offers unparalleled flexibility in size and location to meet diverse energy storage demands.

Sustainable and Safe

Committed to sustainability, Aurora uses risk-free materials, ensuring safety for health and the environment.

Abundant Resource Utilization

Leveraging the endless supply of air, Aurora provides a sustainable and reliable energy storage solution.

Proven and Reliable Technology

Aurora capitalizes on trusted, maintenance-friendly technology for consistent, high-performance energy storage.

Local Supply Chain Excellence

Aurora champions local supply chains, enhancing quality and supporting regional economic growth.

Exceptional ESG Commitment

Aurora is recognized for its outstanding ecological, social, and governance practices, leading the way in sustainable energy storage.

Aurora pairs seamlessly with wind and solar assets.

Aurora navigates around grid constraints and market saturation, maintaining robust profits for renewable energy while accelerating its adoption.

Increase your revenue on the wholesale markets

Avoid price renewable energy cannibalisation and maximize your arbitrage revenue on Day-Ahead and Intraday markets.

Reduce your losses caused by grid congestion

Make use of increasing curtailment and charge up your energy storage. This helps the grid and your projects profitability.

Add value by providing valuable grid services

Provide all sorts of ancillary service (FCR, aFRR and mFRR) to stabilise the grid and to increase revenue from your storage asset.

System relevant services for the renewable grid of the future

Provide backup power and black start-capabilities to the grid.

Not sure if Aurora is the right solution for you?

Aurora’s journey to commercialisation


First pre-liminary concept to make LAES a modular and scalable solution


Incorporation and first funding of phelas to realise Aurora


Concept System Design done, start of the detail engineering of the first demonstration system


Complete construction and testing of the first lab-scale demonstrator of the core concept.


Development of first scalable Megawatt Aurora LAES system