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Strategic Energy Asset Planning Simplified

We help you decide how to structure your energy plant.

Catalyst embodies precision in energy asset planning. Our software distills complex energy data into clear, actionable strategies, tailored to your specific operational needs. By offering advanced analytics and a streamlined planning process, Catalyst is the cornerstone for businesses looking to optimize their energy storage investments with confidence and clarity. It’s not just about smarter energy solutions; it’s about empowering you with the insights to make economically sound decisions in a dynamic energy market.

Catalysts comes with compelling advantages:

Advanced Decision-Making Tools

Catalyst's state-of-the-art data-driven methods quickly solve complex energy storage problems with unmatched precision.

Tailored Mathematical Models

Our custom models are specifically designed for the energy sector, delivering solutions that generic models can't match.

Handling Market Uncertainty

Catalyst's stochastic methods proficiently navigate through unpredictable market scenarios, enhancing decision-making.

Transparent Modeling

Catalyst offers a transparent approach, providing clear insights into the decision-making process, unlike black-box Machine Learning models.

Evidence-Backed Decision Making

With Catalyst, each solution is rigorously validated against market conditions, ensuring resilience and robustness in real-world scenarios.

Resilient Forecasting

With robust strategies and data-driven insights, Catalyst effectively navigates market volatility and price fluctuations.

Catalyst in a Nutshell


Project-Specific Parameters

Project Setting (Colocated, Standalone), Site capacity, target availability, ...

Sophisticated Energy Storage Models

Cost Models for CapEx and OpEx, Degradation Models, ...

Energy Market Forecasts

Long-term forecast data for wholesale (Day-Ahead, Intraday) and ancillary (FCR, aFRR, mFRR etc.) markets.

Grid data

Grid limitations, Congestions, Demand Charge,...

Demand and Generation Data

Load and generation profiles, Expansion plans, Electrification of Heat, Mobility, etc.
  • Multi-Scenario Optimization validates solution across range of conditions (> 20 000 Simulation for each case
  • Customizable model allows phelas to deliver bespoke analysis on demand


Recommended Energy Asset Sizing

Economic optimal installed power and capacity of RE + storage assets

Optimal Technology Choice

Performance benchmark of several solutions to identify the best solution

Revenue Forecasting

Long-term performance data and revenue forecasting up to 25 years into the future.

Key Financial Project Parameters

Provision of cashflow breakdown, LCoE, IRR, ROI etc.

Risk and Sensitivity Market Analysis

Insights on market uncertainty impact and possible revenue stream diversification strategies
Catalyst Optimisation

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