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This is the energy storage decade!”


– Bloomberg NEF 2021

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy:

Introducing Aurora & Catalyst

Aurora: Pioneering Energy Storage

Aurora, phelas’ flagship, redefines energy storage with its unique air and gravel system. Safer and more resource-efficient than traditional batteries, it’s designed for large-scale storage. Its modular, containerized design ensures versatility and environmental sustainability.

Catalyst: Simulation with Precision

Catalyst offers specialized software-based consulting for energy companies. It aids in choosing the right technology and sizing for energy storage, fostering trust and partnerships with clients. This service continually evolves Aurora, keeping it at the forefront of market needs.

Discover how our energy storage solutions can provide value for you, today.

Aurora and Catalyst place phelas at the forefront of the renewable energy sector. Starting in Germany and Europe, our aim is global: making renewable energy a practical, sustainable choice for all.

Our cutting edge utility-scale long duration energy storage to enable profitable 24/7 renewable supply.

Discover Aurora

Our service to enable smarter design decisions for renewable energy + storage assets.

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